Annexure 3

Recorded Opinions of Visitors at Kalpavruksha

“I have seen many farms all over the world. This is the best! It is even better than my own farm.” – Masanobu Fukuoka, well-known Japanese natural farmer and author of ‘One Straw Revolution’, ‘The Road Back to Nature’, and ‘The Natural Way of Farming’ – as recorded and translated on tape during Fukuoka’s visit to Kalpavruksha.

More comments from the ‘Visitors’ Opinion Book’ at the Farm

“The amount of natural wisdom and ripened experience which can be found in this farm can only be found in few places in the world. It is an enormous error that this wisdom and these experiences are not yet widely used by other farmers. …This is the right way to farm to overcome the many problems we are confronted with in `modern’ agriculture.” – Coen Reijntes (co-editor, `Farming for the Fu­ture’, and ‘ I.L.E.I.A Bulletin’, published by the International Centre for Low-External-Input Agriculture, The Netherlands.)

“It was a great pleasure to visit the farm of Shri Bhaskar Save and discuss with him. … May his message of natural farming spread fast to all corners of our country.” – Dr S.B. Kadrekar, Vice Chancellor, Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth (Konkan Agricultural University), Dapoli, Ratnagiri

“I am highly impressed with the innovative approach of Mr. Save in sustainable management of soil and plants. …We scientists must interact and learn better from his experiences for the cause of horticulture.” – Dr. H.P. Singh, Project Co-ordinator (Tropical Fruits), Indian Institute of Horticultural Research.

“Your method is potentially revolutionary for India. It’s about time the government realised how cheaply it could be promoting wasteland development and rural employment.” – Alistair, Editor `Food Matters Worldwide’, Farming Maga­zine, England.

“I am really happy to visit Kalpavruksha. I felt as though I was moving in the natural surroundings of our country, with which I am fully engaged during the last 50 years. …May God bless Shri Save and his family.” – Prof. Dr. R. Seshagiri Rao, Former Director, Botanical Survey of India.

“Congratulations on your splendid, wonderful example of `biological agriculture.” – Pierre Lemaitre (President, `Nature & Progress’)

“This farm is efficient and very impressive. The lessons to be learnt here are not only relevant on a local and national level in India, but also on a global level. The implications of this system of natural farming for tackling India’s problems of rural poverty are far-reaching.” – Jill Windle, Dept. of Agriculture, Union of Queensland, Australia..

“I am studying and enjoying natural farming in Japan with Masano­bu Fukuoka. When I came to just (the) entrance (of Kalpavruksha), I felt some wonderful power. Rice and coconut (are) beau­tifully shining together. This farm has harmony of nature. Everything is living together, and totally enjoying. So I said so many times, “Wonderful!” and no more word. I like this farm! Thank you! I was very happy.” – Nagomi Chiba, Japan..

“I would like to call Shri Bhaskar Save as Indian Fukuoka.  …The Govt. should look into this, and promote natural farming.” — Dr. T. Sampath Kumar, AFPRO, New Delhi

“We were greatly impressed. We have seen farms in other parts of the world, but this was the most interesting.” — David Reuben, Agricultural Consultant, Israel.

“I am absolutely amazed by what I have seen on this farm. The perfect balance that has been created between man and nature is an eye opener for all of us who keep raving about the wonders of the Green Revolution. The real green revolution has been taking place in this farm so lovingly nurtured by Shri Bhaskar Save. May his tribe increase! – M. Sahni, Chief Secy, Union Territory of Daman, Diu, Dadra & Nagar Naveli..

“Nature or God, works with the UTMOST ECONOMY, and I have closely observed that Shri Revered B.H. Save also works in that mould.”  — Anand Prakash Arya, Loksabha Secy, MPs Consultative Parliamentary Committee, New Delhi.

“Your farm …. seems to me unique in India.  I am personally much benefited, and have enriched my knowledge of agriculture.” – Matilal Kar, Jt. Director of Agriculture, West Bengal.)

“This is a pilgrimage place for farmers.” – Shantilal Shah, Farmer & Regional Chairman, Bharat Krishak Samaj.

“His principle of natural farming is really fascinating. … All his experiments need to be given publicity.”  — Dr.Prakash Mahindre, Director of Horticulture, Maharashtra.

“I have toured around not only India, but also the west, and my observation here is that Kalpavruksha is a monumental farm … The harmony, bliss, beauty of the place throws a visitor towards the Divinity’s work in the vegetable kingdom. I recommend every Indian to visit this farm and be benefited.” — Dr.Gopal Swami Sachchidanand, Lecturer, Bilimora.

“I had only read Fukuoka’s book. It was a concept and an activity in distant Japan. It was now a great experience to enjoy here. It is a similar idea but which has taken shape according to the local climate, culture and soil. Mr.Save is a wonderful person. Here is a man who lives the eco­logical balance, unlike many who only talk about it. I would like to come back here and learn more.”   — D.N.Kulkarni, Chief Engineer (Irrigation) & Jt. Secretary, Man­tralaya (Government of Maharashtra), Bombay.


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