Annexure 1

Annexure 1

Chemical Farming Vs Organic Farming

Bhaskar Save

1)Chemical farming fragments the web of life; organic farming nurtures its wholeness.
2)Chemical farming depends on fossil oil; organic farming on living soil.
3)Chemical farmers see their land as a dead medium; organic farmers know theirs is teeming with life.
4)Chemical farming pollutes the air, water and soil; organic farming purifies and renews them.
5)Chemical farming uses large quantities of water and depletes aquifers; organic farming requires much less irrigation, and recharges groundwater.
6)Chemical farming is mono-cultural and destroys diversity; organic farming is poly-cultural and nurtures diversity.
7)Chemical farming produces poisoned food; organic farming yields nourishing food.
8)Chemical farming has a short history and threatens a dim future; organic farming has a long history and promises a bright future.
9)Chemical farming is an alien, imported technology; organic farming has evolved indigenously.
10)Chemical farming is propagated through schooled, institutional misinformation; organic farming learns from Nature and farmers’ experience.
11)Chemical farming benefits traders and industrialists; organic farming benefits the farmer, the environment and society as a whole.
12)Chemical farming robs the self-reliance and self-respect of farmers and villages; organic farming restores and strengthens it.
13)Chemical farming leads to bankruptcy and misery; organic farming liberates from debt and woe.
14)Chemical farming is violent and entropic; organic farming is non-violent and synergistic.
15)Chemical farming is a hollow ‘green revolution’; organic farming is the true green revolution.
16)Chemical farming is crudely materialistic, with no ideological mooring; organic farming is rooted in spirituality and abiding truth.
17)Chemical farming is suicidal, moving from life to death; organic farming is the road to regeneration.
18)Chemical farming is the vehicle of commerce and oppression; organic farming is the path of culture and co-evolution.


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